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Flights normally land in the capital city, Nouakchott. Flights fly regularly from Paris, Algiers Casablanca, Bamako, Banjul and Abidjan. Flights from Mauritania are very cheap, so the best plan is to buy two one-way tickets as opposed to buying one round-trip ticket. The more adventurous way to getting in would be to take a bush taxi from a neighboring country and get a small sample of traveling through the desert or perhaps banding together with other adventurers and catching a mini-bus into Mauritania. There are domestic trains available for getting around that are slow, sometimes uncomfortable but safe. Also available are bush taxis, however the road quality is not always on par, as the sand routinely ruins the roads. Driving yourself is not recommended without at least a guide. Hiring private cars are very expensive but are available in Nouakchott.