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Seychelles has some of the most diverse species of flora and fauna on earth. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean has the highest percentage of land set aside as nature reserve in the world.

In 1756 France made a claim on the islands and then in 1814 ceded them to Britain. Seychelles gained its independence in 1976.

Seychelles has a population of 82,000. The people are of mixed African, French, Indian, Chinese and Arab descent. Approximately 95 percent of the population practices some form of Christianity, predominantly Roman Catholic. The remainder is more or less evenly divided between those who follow Islam or other beliefs. The official languages spoken in Seychelles are Creole, English and French.

Seychelles offers a great range of activities. Because of its unique position in the Indian Ocean there are possibilities available both on land and in the ocean. These range from island hopping, sailing, snorkeling and aquatic sports, to nature walks, golf and bird watching. The essential islands to visit are Mahe, La Digue and Praslin.

Seychelles has a wide range of accommodation, such as hotels, chalets, holiday homes and guesthouses. Each offers the visitor a sense of the local diversity on the islands.