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CIA World Fact Book,

  • Official Name: Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Capital: Sao Tome
  • Other Major Cities/Regions:
  • Size: 1,001 sq km
  • Climate: tropical; hot, humid; one rainy season (October to May)
  • Terrain: Volcanic, mountainous
  • Population: 199,579
  • Ethnic Groups: mestico, angolares (descendants of Angolan slaves), forros (descendants of freed slaves), servicais (contract laborers from Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde), tongas (children of servicais born on the islands), Europeans (primarily Portuguese)
  • Religion: Catholic 70.3%, Evangelical 3.4%, New Apostolic 2%, Adventist 1.8%, other 3.1%, none 19.4% (2001 census)
  • Language: Portuguese (official)